Most of the Computer Science students dislike programming but want to enjoy the permanent financial benefits as a Software Engineer in the IT Industry.

But the problem is that campus mass recruitment interviews are based on programming skills and projects, even if the work involved after getting selected has nothing to do with programming.

This Placement Essentials course is exactly designed for such students.

It comprises of 10x10 Video Lectures. There are in all 10 modules. Every module has 10 videos of 1 hour each. Every module includes a project. It does not contain in depth programming, but enough to crack the 3 to 5 LPA interviews.

Course modules

Contents : Object oriented programming with real life examples, classes, objects, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, pointer to objects, constructors, destructors, virtual polymorphism, operator overloading, standard template and algorithms library.
Project : Image processing utilities using Open CV.
Contents : Data management layers, normalization, tables, constraints, SQL, insert, select, update, delete, sub queries, joins, views, indexes, triggers, procedures and functions.
Project : Database design for an accounting application.
Contents : Platform independency, Java virtual machine, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, interface, String, array, exception handling, Collection classes, packaging, JDBC and threads.
Project : Tools for rapid application development.
Contents : Object oriented programming, collections, iterators, functional programming, exception handling, numpy, pandas DataFrame and database programming.
Project : Utilities for automating installations.
Contents : Big O notation, theory of time / space complexity, sorting, singly linked list, doubly linked list, binary search tree, AVL tree, red black tree, graph algorithms and some dynamic programming examples.
Project : Write a data structure algorithm in C++ and create its binding for Python
Contents : HTML, css, javascript, servlets, session tracking, JSON, AJAX, JSP and using spring boot for WebSockets, WebServices, MicroServices, design patterns and system design.
Project : A Web Application that allows the user to write, compile and run C programs remotely.
Contents : Basics followed by introduction to Express web framework and MongoDB.
Note : Most of the javascript, html, css and session tracking part is to be reused as done in Java Web Development Essentials sessions.
Project : Web application to convert HTML Page to downloadable PDF file.
Contents : Reading data from sensors, driving switches and motors using Python and C++
Note : The hardware / controllers are not included in fee, they need to be bought separately.
 You will have to follow safety precautions while working with AC current. 
Project : Smart lighting to reduce electricity consumption.
Contents : Terminology, algorithms, neural network for deep learning and OpenAI
Project : ChatBot
Contents : Introduction to AWS cloud services, Setting up an EC2 Instance, server less computing and AWS IoT
Project : Monitoring sensors remotely.
Course fee is Rs.12000/-
Pay only Rs.2999/- now and rest after placement
after placement, buy another course of your choice by paying the difference amount.
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Operational details / Terms & conditions

  • If your economic resources are low, then you can pay in module wise installment of Rs.300/-.For paying installment, scan the QR code to pay Rs.300/- for the first module, then when you complete it, to access the next module pay next installment of Rs.300/- and thus Rs.3000/- in 10 installments. After getting placed, you can pay the remaining Rs.9000/- in 10 installments.
  • You will have to complete modules in the sequence of 1 to 10, you cannot jump to a specific module without completing the previous module. For example, because you know C++ you cannot demand to jump on Java Essentials module.
  • After making payment, you will have to send a mail to, in mail you will have to specify your name, mobile number, email id, and course registered for as placement essentials. You will also have to attach the screen shot of the payment confirmation. After receiving the mail, your course will get configured in 24 hours and you will get a sms and email with information about how to access your course.
  • All videos will not be available at once.
  • You can watch a video as many times as required and for as many days as required, but once you move to the next video you will not be able to go back to the previous videos. The idea is that you should note down everything word to word and once you are confident about everything then move on to the next lecture.
  • You cannot proceed to next lecture on the same day. After a lecture is loaded, you won't be able to proceed to next lecture on the same day. Requests to move ahead on the same day will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • Fee is non refundable.
  • While creating AWS account for doing practicals of the the module titled Cloud Platform Essentials, a credit card or debit card is required. That is the requirement of AWS platform, we have got nothing to do with it. Still, it is advisable to contact us (+91 9827069627 or +91 8815340443) before creating the AWS account.
  • We do not provide placements. We will not provide any assistance for arranging placements or interviews.
  • After getting placed, you will have to pay the remaining fee, or you can opt for other course of 12000/- by paying 9001/-
  • You can raise your doubts related to lectures in the doubts section of your account or mail your doubts to ( Within 24 hours, we will resolve your doubts.
  • At any given point of time, you can access the video lecture from one device only. You cannot login on multiple devices at the same time.
  • After completion of the course, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF COURSE COMPLETION.
  • If anytime it is found that our media is been shared with others / multiple users or intention of course purchase is to copy the material / Content , access will be blocked at the same time.