Year One (First & Second Semester)

Start with C & Data Structures Course. It should be done in 7 months. 10 days prior to the mid semester and final semester college exams, give a break to our lectures. A good CGPA helps later on.

After completing C & Data Structures programming, go for our special C Programming segment which has been specially designed for full course students. This special segment designed for full course students covers Linux essentials followed by implementing Object Oriented Programming in C Language (yes ! don't be surprised, it can be done). Other topics that are covered in this special segment are multithreading, multiplexing, network programming & GUI Programming in C Language. This should take around 3 months. If you wish you can start our C++ course in parallel, though it is not essential.

Now you are ready to start implementing projects using C Programming Language. You can talk to us and choose a project. It can be writing a Generic Collections Framework, Parser, Interpreter, editor or a client server application. It should not take more than 2 months to complete the project.

Important ! Important ! Important !

  • From our lectures, write everything word to word
  • No Socialization
  • No Competitive Coding
  • No clubs
  • No internships
  • No certifications
  • No ambassadorship
  • Keep a very low profile in your institution
  • Do not show off your programming skills
  • Stay away from X Y Z Platform stars
  • Regularly study your college syllabus
  • If you get time in college, again and again write string processing algorithms, data structure algorithms, file handling code & network programming code in your rough copy

Year Two (Third & Fourth Semester)

If you have followed our guideline specified for first year, then some very good things must have happened.

  • You have isolated yourself from others
  • Linux, Terminal Window and vim editor are now your best friends
  • You are now ready to do research and learn things by yourself
  • Now, what others are doing, doesn't bother you anymore
  • Your habit to do the hard work and study for long hours, will automatically reflect in your college grades too.
  • You CGPA will start getting better or at least won't get worst

Now you need to start our C++ Course. In parallel, you should start developing Multithreaded HTTP Server in C Language. We have special lectures for full course students on how to design and implement a multithreaded HTTP Server in C Language.
In should take around 2 months time to reach the topic of file handling in C++ and at the same time, you should have completed a major portion of Multithreaded HTTP Server in C Language.

Now in parallel to rest of the C++ course and HTTP Server project, you should start our Java Script Course for client side programming part of web application development. Pure Javascript (ES5 & ES6) and JQuery ( A Javascript Library) will take around 8 months to complete. You will be designing your own Javascript MVC Framework during this period.

Now, it is time to learn how to publish you projects on GitHub. You can publish your projects that you created in C and Javascript on GitHub. But remember this is not for showing off to your friends, this will be for eyes of an interviewer only (when the time comes).

In parallel to learning about GitHub, you need to start going through our assembly language programming course designed for full course students only. It will take you to closer to the machine and will come in handy while designing a compiler in your third year.

Where do you stand after 2 years ?

  • You are through with C, C++ & Java Script
  • You have an insight of assembly language programming
  • You have several cool projects under your belt
  • You have your GitHub repository in place
  • You are now ready to learn the aspects of designing a programming language of your own

Year Three (Fifth & Sixth Semester)

Start learning our Java Course (In fast track mode). The course also covers RDBMS. Withing three months, you should be able to complete designing the Network Application Framework, then in parallel start our J2EE Course. During the J2EE course, you will come across java script, jquery and designing javascript framework, you can skip everything as you have already completed that part in second year of the full course. Just drop a mail for that. In parallel to learning Java, you should start our compiler designing course. In that course you will be creating a programming language of your own. You can keep adding features to it. After 8 months, put a full stop to it, review it and publish it on your GitHub repository.

During the J2EE session, you will learn to design Web Services, Micro Services and ORM framework.

J2EE Course also covers using Spring Boot & Hibernate framework for server side development along with React JS and Angular JS for client side development. But as a full course student, if you do not learn React JS and Angular JS, it is not going to hurt you. Publish your Network Application Framework, Web Services and ORM Framework on GitHub repository.

Important ! Important ! Important !

  • Prepare your resume (with an URL of your GitHub repository)
  • Prepare a list of your projects
  • Create a document on how to explain your projects to the interviewer
  • Make a list of questions that the interviewer may ask and prepare answers
  • Practice narrating your projects description loudly, clearly, unhurriedly and confidently. Keep doing it again and again.
  • Practice narrating the theory of speed / time complexity of all the data structure algorithms that you learned
  • Prepare a list of interview questions on RDBMS, Operating System and Networking

Year Four (First half - Seventh Semester)

  • Start our design patterns & system design course
  • Practice data structures, dynamic programming & competitive coding questions
  • Keep revising everything that you did in first three years
  • Create your account on Job Networking Sites and start applying for internships
  • Do nothing new, you already have a very strong resume, but you need to practice how to narrate, so keep practicing that aloud
  • Don't pay anybody for internship and don't accept an internship with zero remuneration

Year Four (Second half - Eighth Semester)

You will definitely get paid internship offer. Work honestly and smartly for eight hours. Create necessary utilities, tools and scripts for generating code wherever required.

In parallel to internship, pick up a course of your choice from one of the following
Node JS or Python or IOT

This year you also need to pick up full time offers. Work on that part too.

Next what ?

We will personally guide you in context to how to prepare yourself for the next big interview
and what all things to learn next. You have still a long way to go.


Placements [ 2021 - 2022 ]