Start taking steps now

Placements were raining like anything for our 2021 batch students with packages varying from
3 LPA to 20 LPA
Most of the 2021 batch students had multiple offers in hands and great interview experiences.
Now it is time for 2022 Batch
The kind of preparation they have done, it is going to be a superb experience for me as well as them.

Technologies that you have learned

  • C, C++ & DS Programming
  • Java, J2EE, HTML, CSS & Java Script
  • Springboot & Hibernate
  • JQuery & React
  • Python & Node JS
  • Flask & Express
  • My SQL / Apache Derby / Oracle

Projects that you have coded

  • HTTP Server in C++ / Node / Python
  • Generic DS Library in C
  • Math / Physics Board in QT C++
  • Network Framework in Java
  • Web Services Framework in Java
  • ORM Framework in Java
  • Chess - Networked
  • A Javascript Framework

What Next ? Lets dive deeper

First of all, complete your existing courses & pending assignments.

Then see to it that you are through with data structures, algorithms, coding questions asked in initial rounds, SQL joins, normalization and interview questions related to OS, DBMS & Networking.

After you are through with the above mentioned topics, then go for the below mentioned projects.

We won't be spoon feeding you the project code, we will guide you and you will have to design it. And don't worry about placements, if you have followed our guidelines, you will earn more than what you would have ever thought of.

Lets Create What Everybody Uses

Time to enjoy programming

No second thoughts, it should be in C/C++

Integrated Development Environment [ like VS Code]

JSON API for C++
Parallel Streams API for C++ [ like Java Parallel Streams ]
Media Server with Web Access Interface
Interactive & Script mode Interpreter
Tiny Tiny OS with Memory manager & File System

You cannot have EVERYTHING, just choose two.


Placements [ 2021 - 2022 ]