For the needy

 Great futures starts here

What we gave, GOD gave us back, so that we can give again

For last 30 years we have offered our services free of cost to all the underprivileged, that we have come across from various segments of the society.

We have trained children of pot makers, electricians, construction workers, dish washers, painters, watchman, peons, plumbers, factory labours and similar trades. They worked very very hard and have changed their whole family fortunes from nothing to everything. That is the power of working as a programmer.

All we did was, we provided free access to our courses and monitored their progress.


All you have to do is, tell us your side of story related to your economic background and why we should offer the course to you at zero cost. Send your side of story to

Send us your detail along with mobile number of your parents and yourself. Contact details of one of your faculty or HOD or Principal of your school / college is mandatory. Consult them before contacting us.

Our background verification team will get back to you for further documentation and verification process. The whole process will take around four weeks.

The documentation and registration process is also free. You don't have to pay us anything.



Placements [ 2021 - 2022 ]