Engineering technologies

There is only one word for what you will experience after going through this part of our course - AMAZING ! At the end of this course you will understand how computers actually work. At the core of all this learning and development experience will be assembly language programming. Most of you will be told not to learn assembly language because it is hard to write, learn, remember and lot of time will be wasted in learning it, but the person who is saying this doesn't know anything about the programming language that he or she has learned, because every programming language is hard to learn. Yes it is easy to copy paste and say that you know the programming language. It is true that lot of time is required to learn assembly language but once you understand the benefits of using assembly language, the time invested will be an unforgettable experience.

As a student you should ignore the lies, misconceptions and myths that float around assembly language programming. You should dare to do what seems difficult for everybody else. Think - How data from keyboard and mouse is delivered to your application, how output from your application is sent to monitor, network or printer. While creating an Operating system, writing driver modules for all this is very exciting. Later, even if you do not get opportunity to write assembly language code, your knowledge of assembly language programming will help you write better code in any other programming language. One thing we can guarantee, whole life, you will always remember the time that you will spend with us in creating stuff which is at the core of any computer and its peripheral devices. Yes there is a side effect involved. Once you learn it, you will start using it for every application.

Prerequisite : You should have completed our C Language course and 150 lectures of data structures and you should be part of our full course. You should have a thorough understanding of number systems, data structures, memory allocation systems, file streams, buffers and bit wise operations.

Working professionals should stay away from this course. You won't get time, then you will say that you want to skip assignments, then you will just watch videos and move ahead without doing practicals, then you will ask us to share our code. All that is impossible for us to entertain. So a BIG NO NO to working professionals.

Any engineering student who is in his/her 3rd or 4th semester is a perfect candidate for this course. The course involves using a machine with x86/64 bit processor and Linux Operating system. The course will take you through various aspects of assembly language programming. Then we will teach you - how to implement various data structures and algorithms using assembly language.

Once you learn all aspects of assembly language programming and integrating it with c programs, then you can either go for developing an Operating System followed by a Compiler or vice versa. Then you can move on and develop a word processor or a spreadsheet application under our guidance. Assembly and C will be used for development.


Placements [ 2021 - 2022 ]