Cloud Engineering

 DevOps Demystified

Modern way to develop

Cloud based development and deployment is now the new paradigm for Software Engineering.

For years to come, Work From Home will be the way of working in the Software Industry. Cloud Computing is now the De Facto.

Without compromising with your programming skills, we will make you dive deep into this bold new world.

Get Noticed

Your profile flaunts ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆, C, C++, Java, J2EE, Node, Python, ML, Data Science, React, Angular.... but the sad part is that you are still not getting interview calls.

Just spice up your resume with EC2 Linux Instance, S3, AWS Lambda, SNS, SQS, AWS IOT, Cognito, RDS, Cloud Front, Glacier, Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Elastic Cache, EFS, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant, Jenkins, Kubernetes or similar set of Azure / Google Cloud implementations and you will find yourself at the top of the Interview Invitations List.


Just go for the first module. It has been designed from the perspective of an application developer. The first module in itself might be enough the land you a good job

  • Watch the sample lectures.
  • Check if your machine is compatible.
  • Do you have the time required

At the end of the first module, you might arrive to the decision that now you have the start and you can learn things on your own. In that case you do not need to go any further.

Crack Interviews

This course is not about programming. That, we are assuming that you already know. This is more about using Cloud Platform SDK's on CLI, Infrastructure Protocols, Build processes, Deployment processes, Events, Gateways & Automation.

The OBJECTIVE of this course is to enable you crack interviews. We do not promote just beefing up skills with "Hello World" examples. We would want you to speak authoritatively on all the said topics. The interviewers are not expecting the whole world from you, they are trying to judge your QUITE CONFIDENCE and RESEARCH SKILLS.

Course Contents

In the first module you will learn
AWS Platform : EC2, AWS CLI, AWS SAM CLI, AWS Lambda, AWS IOT, Dynamo DB, S3 & IAM
Azure Platform : VM, Azure CLI, IOT Hub, Functions, SQL Database, Blob Storage & Active Directory
Google Cloud : After going through AWS and Azure, you should be able to learn using Google Cloud Services on your own. Learning - How To Learn is what we encourage.
Prerequisites : You should be aware of Client - Server Programming and Web Application Development using Java or Node JS or Python.

This course is part of full course

After the first module, there are 6 more modules related to Source control, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Automating Deployments, Containers & Orchestration.
The time frame of each module is 1 month and the fee is Rs.1800/- each. At the end of each module you will get to know the course contents of the next module. The SEQUENCE is important and you cannot jump the QUEUE.


 Sample Lectures

AWS EC2 Instance / Part 1

Cloud Engineering
Sample Lecture 1

AWS EC2 Instance / Part 2

Cloud Engineering
Sample Lecture 2

AWS EC2 Instance / Part 3

Cloud Engineering
Sample Lecture 3


Cloud Engineering
Sample Lecture 4


Cloud Engineering
Sample Lecture 5


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