We teach C, C++, Data Structures, Dynamic programming, Java, PHP, C#.Net, Javascript, Node JS, Python, Go, Linux Scripting & Big data frameworks.

HTML5, CSS, JSON/XML Parsing, Gradle, ANT, Maven & SQL are the unavoidable necessities

To those who can work hard and are mad about making it big, we teach R, Blockchain & Data Analytics / Business intelligence tools (SAS & R)

Plan your career, and work very hard for it

How should you learn to land yourself a lucrative career in terms of money and growth. You may feel that we are giving importance to package, but the fact is that you cannot take your parents on a trip to Europe, or buy a Car for them or buy a House without loan for a package of 3.36 PA. So yes, a good package definitely matters.

Start with C followed by C++ and Data Structure. To test yourself, see that you are able to write the following examples by creating separate function in C Language and then see if you are able to do the same as C++ Templates. Code that you should know like the back of your hand – Linear sort, Bubble sort, Selection Sort, Heap Sort, Quick Sort, Radix Sort, Merge Sort, Stack, Queue, Converting Infix Expression to Prefix Expression and Post Fix Expression and vice versa, Singly Linked List, Doubly Linked List, Indexed Linked List, Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree, All tree traversals without and with recursion. You can keep the Garph Part for the later stage. Then create your own version of the String and DateTime and Generic HashMap class in C++ and overload suitable operators. Now you need to learn two things in parallel. Start learning Java and in parallel dive into C++ Standard Template Library classes vector, list, deque, arrays, forward_list, queue, priority queue, stack, set, multiset, map and multimap.

Now is the time to go for GUI. Go for QT. At the same time start learning SQL, Work on MySQL and Oracle Express Edition. Learn joins, sub queries, procedures, functions, triggers and views. Do all this through CLI.

Write a billing application with the following approach. When the application starts, all data from MySQL is loaded in STL Data Structure. All CRUD Operations should be applied on Data Structure as well as database, but retrieval should be performed from data structure. Learn how to print bills and reports.

All the above should be done within first one and half year into your engineering. Uptil now you must have learnt C, C++, DS, STL, QT and Core Java.

For the next six months eat live drink Java and in parallel rewrite all data structure examples in Python and Node JS. And in java learn Collection classes, JDBC, AWT, Swing, Lambda, Concurrency, Reflection API, Annotations, Sockets, HTML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, JSP, Servlets, Beans, Custom Tags, JSTL and build tools like Gradle, Ant or Maven.

It is very important that you don't learn struts, spring and hibernate. Yes, we are repeating do not learn these frameworks. Instead for the next six months create your own ORM and Web Services frameworks. After successfully testing your own frameworks, start applying them by rewriting your billing application for the web. This time see to it that for the client side you learn JQuery, Anguar (Typescript) and React.

All the above portion should be done in one year. By the end of your fifth semester, your assets are C, C++, DS, STL, RDBMS, Java J2EE, JQuery, Angular and React and little bit of Python and Node JS.

Now you should have a clear understanding about what you want to do in future after completing your engineering. Two options are go abroad for MS or work in India.

MS Option : If your parents can finance you for MS, then start preparing for GRE as you will have to appear for it in mid semester period of your sevent semester. Once you are through with the GRE part, then learn start reading books on AI, Data Analytics, NLP and Machine Learning. Master yourself in R and Python. You will have to literally mug up all the math functions. By the end of your engineering you will have a clear view of what kind of subjects you should opt for during your MS Studies.

Work in India Option : Judge whether your parents can arrange Rs.50000/- when you complete your engineering. That money will be required to go to Bangalore after completing your education and staying there for hunting for better opportunities. If your parents cannot do so, you still have one and half year to make arrangements for that kind of money by taking tutions etc. We have seen many good students not having that kind of money and hence just sticking to whatever 2-3 lac package jobs that they secured during there campus drives.

Start preparing for elitmus (Verbal, Communication, logical reaoning and Quantitative Aptitude) In parallel you will have to setup your own LINUX Environment. Learn Big Data Frameworks, Python, R and Blockchain (EVM and Solidity). Devote separate time for learning Data Analytics using R and SAS. This is also the right time to write code related to Graph Data Structures. You should also be aware of problems and solutions demonstrated on GeeksforGeeks.

When you complete your engineering, you should have a good elitmus score in you hand. Move to Bangalore, post your profiles on sites like naukri, fresherworld etc. Revise all that you have learned in last four years. Don't get bogged down by the fact that you are from a small town. When it comes to negotiating for salary, be bold enough to stick to a figure of your choice, if you are good, you will be paid well. The learning curve that we have mentioned will also help you a lot when it comes to getting increments or switching companies. We have seen students getting promoted with doubled salary just within one years time as they were planning to switch companies.

Success awaits you, and hard work always pays off.